We the Igbo world union, having thoroughly constituted, for the purpose of promoting our Igbo Birth right culture in Igboland and diaspora, that we may come together for the purpose of nurturing better understanding and harmonious relations amongst ourselves and with other ethnic groups in Nigeria and in Diaspora.
Whose opinion and advice shall be sought and respected, not only by us, but also by the government and nationalities who may want to consult with the Igbos.
To advance Igbo language and culture in Igboland and in diaspora.
To promote the honour of Ndigbo, and encourage their various aspects of life in Igboland and in diaspora.
To liaise with foreign firms into government of Nigeria, mostly in South-East Economic development in Igboland.
Join the Igbo World Union today.
To settle extra-Igbo disputes and promote peaceful co-existence with other ethnic Nationality both in Nigeria and diaspora.
To regain our prestige by engaing our youth with something doing instead of participating in illegal activities in Igboland and diaspora.
To make sure that all Igbo town Unions attend the Igbo World Union (IWU) meetings in every part of the country and in diaspora.
To promote the overall welfare of none indigenes that will be coming for investments in Igboland, thereby enhancing a healthier relationship between settlers and host communities in Igbo land.
To foster and promote economic development both with Igboland and Nigeria through the harmonization of inter-tribal and religious differences, thereby increasing the confidence of our people in diaspora to attract the much awaited foreign investment that will boost our economic well-being as a nation.
To make Igbo language a unique language and a diversified one in western world.
Igbo World Union should be more of a social cultural organization promoting Igbo Language, culture, heritage, artifacts and general development.
The Igbo World Union secretariats should be befitting to the Igbo Nation, in it shall be a research center, artifacts center, a cenotaph for great Igbos hall of frame, recreational hall, conference hall, modern library and exhibition hall, for each Igbo state including Igbo parts of Delta and Rivers State.
Igbo World Union must stop dabbling in politics too much as it tend to put it asunder. As best a politics committee should only ensure that Igbo interest in all the political parties in power are serve. The political unit should be led by non partisan experienced politician aided by political scientist of repute. They must never belong to any party at least openly.
...makaodinma ndigbo (IGWEBUIKE)